I work hard to ensure everyone feels seen, valued, and, above all, welcomed. As a self-proclaimed people person, I genuinely enjoy connecting, and you'll likely pick up on this right away. I bring an easy-going, fun-loving energy to everything and everyone I interact with—including your family and friends. 



Long before I photographed my first wedding, I was a professional food photographer. So, you can be sure I am obsessed with intricate details, gorgeous lighting, and creative compositions.

But, over the last eight years, as I've grown as an artist and learned more about you, I've discovered that those candid, head-thrown-back-with-laughter images AND the mom-approved, traditional photos—are equally as important.

That is why part of my job is to get to know you and your creative expectations and create a variety of images that exceed them all.

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real connection 

y approach is:

Take one look at my portfolio, and you'll quickly find I don't stick to one style or approach. I like to change things up — depending on the events of the day. And more importantly, depending on what you need.

nique creativity

Be it an outdoor ceremony, a moody ballroom, or a late-night firework send-off, with me, you'll get unique and creative images that capture all of your moments flawlessly. Creative experimentation is essential when creating bright, timeless images that tell and preserve your story.

 It's why I experiment with lighting and never shy away from photographing weddings at various locations or times of day.


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Inspired by

As we work together, I'll read and adjust to the people and energy in the room. Sometimes, I'll offer gentle direction. Other times, I'll sit back and capture things as they unfold.

But no matter what, I'll provide genuine compliments and encouraging words that will help you feel self-assured in your own skin. Confident in front of my camera. And overall, comfortable with my presence. 


comfortable confidence​​​​​​​

ocused on



Reach out, and let's make a difference together.

I'm proud to support the work of Operation Underground Railroad.
Each year a portion of our proceeds will go directly to 
joining and continuing their fight.


The care she has for her clients is real.

I believe we will have a relationship with Rachel for many years to come. People often say that, but talk is cheap and she lives those values.



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