Best Places to Propose in Naples, Florida

Best Places to Propose in Naples

Planning a proposal? Congratulations! Whether you’re a local or here visiting on vacation or a getaway, welcome to Naples, Florida! One of the most popular cities in Southwest Florida (and for good reason!) you’ve picked a wonderful location – read on for the best places to propose in Naples and some fun ideas to personalize your proposal story!


#1. Consider timing.

When it comes to proposing in Naples or anywhere in Southwest Florida, there are two things to consider when it comes to timing – the weather, and the people.


Because Naples is a destination wedding location and a top tourist destination, it can get pretty busy, especially during the nights and weekends and especially on the beaches. If you want a more private feel, consider a sunrise proposal! If you want a quieter spot but still want sunset, choose a private beach or one of the other locations listed below. Pro tip: Hire a photographer or planner to help you and they can make sure the spot is empty before you arrive! I’ve done my share of “shooing” curious onlookers during many a proposal!


#2. Consider your location.

Since your location will be the backdrop for the most epic question of your life, you want to give it some thought! Stay away from anything that’s too sunny or hot (if you want a beachy location, sunset or sunrise will be the coolest options) and have a plan for how you will arrive. If you want a luxury picnic set up, I recommend Picnic Society Co in Naples. 


#3 Consider what you’ll do after she says yes!

She said yes! Now what?


You’ll want to celebrate in style after putting so much thought into the proposal, so have a plan in mind – either champagne, a hotel, a rooftop bar, a cute picnic on the beach (see above), or a soiree with family and friends! See below for a few ideas on locations that include bars, favorite restaurants, and photography locations that offer some entertainment after you pop the question.



Top Places to Propose in Naples

Laplaya Beach and Golf Resort

Located off of Vanderbilt Road, this hotel’s beach is a beautiful location for a proposal or post-proposal celebration! If you want to invite friends and family to celebrate with you, have them meet you at the Laplaya after you’ve popped the question. The sunset is fabulous.


Website: Laplaya Beach and Golf Resort

Location: 9891 Gulf Shore Dr, Naples, FL 34108

Naples Florida Proposal

Naples Pier

A popular tourist attraction, the Naples Pier is a lovely spot for a proposal but due to it’s public nature, will be busier than private hotel beaches like the Laplaya. However, it’s also a beautiful spot to watch the sunset! The Naples Pier was recently damaged from Hurricane Ian, but portions of the old pier still remain and are open to the public. You may want to check for construction work before choosing this spot, and avoid busier times like evenings and weekends if you want a more private, quiet proposal. 

Website: Naples Pier


The Naples Zoo

The Naples Zoo

Boasting 43 acres of zoo and botanical gardens, the Naples Zoo is a lovely spot to propose and you’ll be able to find quiet, private spots within the garden area to propose throughout the day. Like the beaches mentioned above, we recommend skipping evening and weekend times to avoid the crowds – you can also speak with zoo staff ahead of time to find out when might be the quietest time to visit and propose.


Website: Naples Zoo

Location: 1590 Goodlette-Frank Rd, Naples, FL 34102

Naples Florida Best Places to Propose Proposal

Naples Princess Cruise

This is a popular, although less private, option. Naples Princess Cruise offers spectacular sunset cruises daily that include dinner and a desktop bar. The company does offer private charters as well, but require more lead time to book these as the calendar fills quickly!


Website: Naples Princess Cruise

Location: 550 Port O Call Way, Naples, FL 34102

Naples Florida Best Places to Propose

A Private Island

Just off the coast between Naples and Marco Island are several options for renting a private island for your proposal! A popular company is Off the Hook Hideaway, which offers 7-day minimum vacations for up to 8 couples. If you’re planning on making your proposal and vacation a true getaway, look no further!


Website: Off the Hook Hideaway

Naples Florida Best Places to Propose

Gazebo in Downtown Naples

For a more affordable option, check out the little gazebos around Naples. There is one off of 2nd Street that is usually fairly secluded in the evening, and you could have a friend or family member guard the spot before you arrive so that it’s available when you plan to propose!


Location: 2nd Street, Naples, Florida

Naples Florida Best Places to Propose

Naples Botanical Garden

A tropical paradise, Naples Botanical Gardens is a favorite engagement and proposal spot for photographers in the area and is well-suited for couples wanting a private moment (plus, there are many spots to hide your photographer!) Membership is required to enter the botanical gardens – but at a yearly rate of $90, it’s quite the deal! Couple or family memberships are $145 annually. Due to the cost, this is a less-popular option, which makes it all the more appealing if you’re hoping for a unique proposal story!


Personally, I love the idea of purchasing the membership and then coming back a year later to celebrate your engagement (or taking your engagement photos here)!


Website: Naples Botanical Garden

Location: 4820 Bayshore Dr, Naples, FL 34112

Naples Florida Best Places to Propose

3 Best Restaurants for proposing in Naples, Florida 

The Turtle Club

Located off of Vanderbilt in the resort, The Turtle Club is fine dining at it’s best, and well known for its seafood and steak. If you’re looking for an elegant spot to celebrate your upcoming nuptials, this is a crowd pleaser!


Known for it’s seafood and high-end dining, Baleen is located on the beach and has spectacular views of the coast. It’s a beloved date night spot for locals and conveniently located with the Laplaya hotel – right on a private beach (perfect for proposing!)

Naples Florida Best Places to Propose

Osteria Tulla

With it’s adorable outdoor patio and intimate indoor dining, Osteria Tulla is the sweetest proposal location in Naples. Reach out today to make your reservation!


Location: 466 5th Avenue South

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