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Not a fan of cake? Hoping to break with tradition and do something fun and different? Check out this list of eight exciting wedding desserts to get those creative juices flowing and your mouth watering!

1. Cake pops.

This spin on traditional cake will have your guests raving and is such a cute idea, especially for summer weddings!

2. Sugar Cookies.

These babies will last all day in the heat, and the creative designs will have guests oohing and aahing. Plus, you don’t need serving utensils!

3. Donuts.

This one was really popular in 2019, and no one is complaining about it (not hard to see why)!

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4. Chocolate-covered strawberries or fruit.

Such a simple, elegant idea. If you’re on a tight budget, this is a dessert that’s easy to make yourself the day before (or have your bridesmaids make!)

5. Dessert shooters.

Caterers often offer some sort of individualized dessert option, like these cute shooters, in multiple flavors. Ask yours or find out if the venue has suggestions.

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6. Macarons.

Another bridal favorite, and it’s easy to see why!

7. Cream puffs.

I have yet to see a bride do this at one of my weddings, but there’s no way this wouldn’t be a hit with everyone at the reception. 


8. Cupcakes.

Another easy and simple spin on the traditional wedding cake that guests will love. Plus, you’ll have options for multiple flavors.


Still want a cake? I get it. Even having a small cake for just you and the groom is a great way to have that iconic cake-cutting moment, lets you slice off a section for your first anniversary, and gives you the photo-op your mom and aunts will want. Here are four trendy and creative wedding cake ideas!

1. Go dramatic.

Dark colors and gold overlays are striking (especially when combined) and are possible for both buttercream and fondant covered cakes.

2. Bride + Groom Cake.

I love this trend for the bride and groom who don’t want to serve cake to everyone but want a smaller version of the traditional wedding cake for themselves.

3. Get Geometric.

Ask your baker if they offer geometric shapes or stands for a fun, modern twist!

4. Simple & Rustic.

Naked and semi-naked cakes are perfect for a simpler, more natural look, and work well with floral arrangements and fruit garnishes. Plus, this is a great trend for brides who don’t want their cake covered in fondant.

That’s it! What creative desserts are you planning for your wedding day? Give me a shout on Instagram if you’d like vendor recommendations, or join our Bridal Facebook Group to chat with other brides in the area!

8 Creative Wedding Dessert Ideas