Your Questions, answered

Your wedding day, like you, is unique and special. You’re going to have questions as you plan – that’s completely normal!

It’s our goal to be an asset to you through this process as you plan your wedding. 

We’re here as an asset to you and a trusted member of your wedding planning team, so we’ve compiled some of the insights we’ve gathered through the years to help you make the best choices for your wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many images will we get?

Typically, we curate 50-80 final images per hour of coverage.

2. What are your turnaround times?

Our work is focused on creating beautiful, timeless art using the finest methods and quality products. Rachel is the in-house editor and carefully curates each project we photograph.

Our turnaround time for digital work is 2-3 weeks but may vary slightly during peak wedding season. Shooting film is a slower process and can take up to 8 weeks to receive film scans, depending on the business of the lab.

3. How do I select the images that will be used in my heirloom wedding album?

If an album is included in your collection or you opt to add one later, Rachel will work with you to curate a draft of your album to help narrate your wedding’s beautiful story. You will be able to make revisions, and once you have approved the design, we will handle production and ship you the final heirloom within 3-4 weeks.

4. I’m concerned about the timeline – do you help to make sure that we will stay on schedule?

Staying on schedule (within reason) while making the day feel stress-free and seamless is a brand identity of Rachel Elle Photography. We work carefully with you and your planner to create a custom wedding timeline for the day. Adhering to this timeline allows us to capture every moment naturally, in optimal lighting conditions, while allowing for flexibility and making sure you are enjoying your day and living in the moment.

5. What equipment do you use?

Rachel shoots digital with Sony A7iii and iv and medium format Pentax and Nikon cameras for film. Associate photographers shoot on Sonys and Canons. 

6. Who should be included in our family photos?

This is really based on personal preference. That said, most brides opt to have family portraits with their immediate family (parents, siblings, spouses, and children) and grandparents (if applicable) during family formals. If you have additional, larger groupings you’d like photographed, we suggest saving this for the reception and ask that you let those family members know so that they are prepared. Additionally, please inform us of any special groupings due to family circumstances such as divorce, step-parents, etc. so that we can appropriately recognize all the meaningful relationships in your life.

You will receive a details photo listing from us 1 month before your wedding to help you curate your family formal list.


7. Should we do an engagement session?

In a word, YESSSSSS! I love engagement sessions! It allows me to get to know you guys more and get some beautiful photos in the process. Those photos also make for beautiful Saves the Dates or an awesome guest sign-in book to use at your wedding.

8. Do you offer wedding albums?

Yes! I offer high-quality, fully customizable albums professionally designed to your needs. E-mail me on the Contact page for details.

FAQ's Continued...

9. What is your pricing?

We offer customized pricing and proposals based on our initial consultation and each couple’s unique needs. Please submit a form through the contact page or e-mail me at to set up your consultation.

10. Can I customize a collection?

Absolutely. We can tailor any offering to best suit you and your unique event. Please email us your wish list. We will follow up with a bespoke proposal for your final review.

11. Do you shoot film or digital?

Both, depending on the nature of the event and the collection you choose. All film and digital images are processed and cohesively presented together in your final gallery.

12. Should I make a ‘shot list’ for my photographer?

You’ve got enough going on! Our thorough and detail-oriented wedding day approach ensures you’ll have more photos than you could ever need or want. We do recommend bringing to our attention any special moments you’ve got planned, any important people, or any unique details you feel are important to document.

One month before your wedding, we’ll send you a family portrait shot list for you to create with your significant other, mom, or other family members so we make sure to capture all family groupings.

13. What images are included in the final gallery? Do you have a limit to the number of images you provide?

The final images we include in the online gallery omit images such as blinking, unflattering expressions, or unintentional blur. All final images receive color corrections and exposure adjustments before we present them in the online gallery.

14. What if it rains? 

While rain on your wedding day is considered good luck, it’s not what we wish for our clients!

That said, we’ve navigated inclement weather on wedding day many times over, and this is where we will work together with your planner to make sure that we get all the shots we planned. We always have a Plan B in our back pockets, and our experience and resourcefulness in those situations have always paid off.

Just know this – we’re your partner in this, and we want your photos to be just as beautiful as you do. We’re here to help you through any situation that may arise and together, we’ll have fun and create some beautiful art you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

13. What happens if Rachel or my photographer gets sick or has some sort of emergency right before the wedding?

The beauty of working with a fully staffed wedding photography studio like Rachel Elle Photography is that we have backups for our backups! Should unforeseen circumstances prevent Rachel or your chosen photographer from being able to be there on your special day, we have a team of highly trained replacements of equivalent caliber and style – and a strong network to aid you should anything happen. Alternatively, you would be offered a full return of your investment and allow you to make your own arrangements.

14. How do we book you?

Submit a form with your name and any details you can provide (date, venue, etc.) on the contact page. All contracts and invoices are handled online, hassle-free!